October 28, 2020

CEH vs CISSP – A factual comparison

In the world of IT, the certifications in cloud security are considering as a key element for the career in the pool of advanced applications. However, in order to get into this era, one must pass certification exams, which are supposed to comprehend the standards and norms of the industry. Thus, there are two aspects with respect to the security of the organization and its information: first is the vulnerability testing of one test system and second is the screening of security tools. On account of this, individuals can consider two popular variants: CEH for the first and CISSP for the second, where CEH is a Certified Ethics Hacker, while CISSP is a Certified Information System Security Professional. However, both of them provide training in all prospects which are required to assure the corporate system. Therefore, software houses and many websites like QuickStart offers CEH certification training, and CISSP certification training online for developers to remain strong and competitive.

CEH vs CISSP Certification

The credentials of CEH allows a person to become a hacker for the business. The core responsibility of a person, termed as an ethical hacker, is to check all the access points which can be used as a gateway for malicious hackers to steal information to obtain access to the system or spread viruses. Whereas the credentials of CISSP allow an individual to configure the appropriate security control set up settings, and one must be obligated for ensuring that the system is secure and powerful accordingly.

Comparison of Facts:

I. Conveying Diverse and Proven Experience:

Certificates are preferred in the industry as they are the best way to give employers the information they need to work. CEH is more concerned with proving that a candidate possesses the knowledge required to execute the ethical role of piracy. In order to receive CEH, one must have at least two years of work experience in one of the areas of information security, whereas CISSP focuses on the applicant’s experience, which requires at least 4 to 5 years of paid work experience in at least two of eight information security areas. However, anyone who can pass the exam without experience can become a 2(ISC) until they have minimal experience. In addition, the applicant must have a good reputation and be approved by the CISSP. The multiple, experimental and validated approach is one of the many reasons why CISSP online training certification is considered the gold standard in the industry and is selected by employers seeking employees professionally with proven skills.

II. Higher Earnings:

Today, many industry security experts in the industry are not paid for one job, but who do not want a good job? As per the Council of Europe, applicants for CEH training certified have an average starting salary of 80,000 to 90,000 dollars per year. On the other hand, the certification magazine recently reviewed CISSP and found that their average salary was greater than 150,000 dollars per year. Not surprisingly, CEH and CISSP have earned recognition as one of the highest-paid security professionals in the industry. But CISSP outperforms CEH, bringing greater rewards for outstanding work while delivering significant value.

III. Career Advancement:

However, there is no doubt that the demand for information security professionals is high, fast job search and employer recognition require CEH and CISSP experts to improve security measures. Nevertheless, CISSP certification offers significantly more job security department options than CEH. Moreover, a job search on LinkedIn in 2019 shows that 5,500 jobs are available in the USA, with CEH among the minimum skills. Given the requirements for CEH’s two years of on-site experience, these roles are technical such as penetration examiner, security advisor, security specialist, accountant, network security manager. By comparing them, the same LinkedIn job exams that require CISSP in the US have yielded an astounding list of over 21,000 jobs! Given the high eligibility requirements of CISSP for more experienced and advanced applicants, this list covers the whole range of network security, roles ranging from security elements like security system engineers and system architects to responsible people. However, the CISSP online training certificate is the right choice for those who want to enter or want to enter the information security industry.

IV. Strong Global Community:

Nowadays, it opens depends on what you know about creating a new career, ad it often takes extra effort to get a job in a strong community. As in many industries, a strong network is ideal for any network security professional because it allows them to expand their job opportunities or look for advice. Though, its inception in the 1990s, the CISSP online training certification has provided access to more than 150,000 people in 165 countries as information security mentors while CEH training certification has rapidly expanded its network since early 2004 and has certified members in 150 states. However, both the directions are widely recognized around the world, providing easy access to two powerful communities of security professionals and providing opportunities to unlock new possibilities. Last but not least, membership value also matters. Upon obtaining the CISSP certificate, the applicant (ISC) ² becomes a direct member. These non-profit organizations provide their members with tools, events, and opportunities for career development and professional development.

But which one is easier?

Well considering the current demands, this question is not simple to answer, though, all depends on the person’s involvement and expertise in the field. However, CEH and CISSP face the same network security issues, where one look after the shortcomings and ways of hacking the system, the other has the advantage of managing the security components. But regarding all such factors, CEH is generally recognized simpler than CISSP, since the CEH course does not include as many questions as the final exam of CISSP certification entails.