October 28, 2020

5 ways a card pen drive can be utilized in companies

Companies always run on technology. And the most basic requirement of any company to safely  store and transport its data is a pen drive. Gone are the days of bulky pen drives. Nowadays, pen drives are available in the form of sleek, paper-thin cards. Yes, welcome to the age of card pen drives.

A pen drive is a data storage device that is designed in the form of an ATM card. It can be inserted in the port of a laptop or desktop to quickly and easily access data anytime and anywhere.

Many storage devices like SSDs and hard disks are available but they are expensive and bulky. The simplest, cheapest and most easy-to-use pen drive that companies  provide employees for the daily office use is the card pen drive

Ways in which  a card pen drive can be utilized in companies.

  1. To store confidential information

Companies have a lot of confidential information which must be preserved from the public eye to avoid misuse. Financial documents,  Land documents, Company registration papers, E-signatures, Tender documents, etc have to be stored securely. Having them in a laptop or desktop is risky. Storing this confidential information  in a card pen drive is the best way to keep them safe. Companies use confidential information mainly for this purpose of keeping confidential information secure.

  1. To carry data while on the move

Companies have a team of marketing  and sales executives who are always on the move. These executives must be always equipped with complete data on products to meet clients and customers. At times, the executives have to make presentations to the client. To do this, they must have the  presentation sides , data sheets, product catalogues, etc ready in their heads. Carrying them as physical files is cumbersome and not safe. The easiest thing to do is to carry them on a card pen drive.

A card pen drive has ample storage capacity from 5132 GB to even 1TB. It can hold tons of [presentations documents spreadsheets, images, etc. A card pen drive can be used to carry data to client meetings, conferences, seminars nd panel discussions. Transporting data on the move is ideal and safe only with a card pen drive.

  1. To carry artworks, images, brochure layouts

Companies need to get many promotional literature printed like posters, brochures, leaflets, etc. Having the artworks and layouts on the card pen drive is ideal as one has to access them always while interacting with different printers. Storing the master layouts on the card pen drive makes sure that they do not get lost and can be used anytime or anywhere. Updating the changes on the artwork and layouts  will also be easy when they are in a card pen drive.

  1.   As  orientation material

When new employees are inducted into a company, they undergo a process of orientation. At this orientation, they have to be familiarized with the company norms. An employee handbook, corporate profile handbook, etc are given to employees. Instead of wasting paper and money by printing these handbooks, they can be loaded on a card pen drive and given to a group of new employees. The employees can view and take notes. Then this orientation material can be used for the next group. This saves time , money and effort for the company.

  1. As promotional giveaways

Companies can gift card pen drives as promotional giveaways to important clients and customers. The card pen drive can be loaded with company brochures and catalogues too.

The card pen drive is a versatile tool that companies use in many ways. Does your company have one