October 28, 2020

Meet Singapore based Venture Capitalist Ozi Amanat

Ozi Amanat, founder of K2 Global and K2 VC, is a venture capitalist based in Singapore who has already invested in over fifteen companies and reaped rich rewards. K2 VC is presently one of the largest investment firms in Singapore. The company has been backed by the government to invest as much as a hundred million in startups and growing businesses across the region with substantial potential in the near future.

An experienced venture capitalist and a professional chief investment officer, Ozi Amanat has worked with many billionaires in Asia and in Silicon Valley. He had made investments at a very early stage into several tech enterprises such as Facebook and Twitter, Uber and Spotify, PayTM and AirBNB. Amanat seems to have a penchant for tech startups and can perhaps foresee how they would fare in the short term and long run. All major investments of the venture capitalist have proven to be rewarding and the assets worth over two billion dollars that he manages are faring well. At a time, Amanat is looking for exciting new opportunities, especially in deep tech.

Ozi Amanat focuses more on the technology and the passion of the founders. He believes that it is the conviction of the founders that eventually makes a crucial difference. Of course there are quintessential factors such as markets, the scope of growth and the problems that a particular startup or company is solving, the reliability of the technology and the relevance of the product or service in the short term and over the years along with financial viability. However, it is the founders and their passionate dedication to see their products or services do well that influences Amanat to take that final call of whether or not to invest.

Amanat is particularly interested in technology enabled products and services that are directed at consumers. Business to business is not his forte as he likes to experience how the end consumers are affected by the products or services he backs. Amanat is upbeat about venture capitalism in Singapore, India, China and across Southeast Asia. He is of the opinion that Silicon Valley has much more in common with the Asian ecosystem of investment and business than what people usually acknowledge. The world has become a smaller place and venture capitalism has become indeed global. Instead of competition and bitter rivalries, venture capitalists are more inclined to collaborate. This is partly a reason why most of the corporate behemoths founded in the present century have investors or backers based around the world. They are not confined to only one city or hail from one school of thought.

Ozi Amanat is optimistic about many specific industries, especially those related to artificial intelligence, deep tech, robotics, health tech and food tech. He has set aside a fund of two hundred and fifty million which he intends to invest in various promising ventures in Asia and in Silicon Valley. He also intends to bridge the gap between the two so there is a more symbiotic relationship among investors and businesses hailing from two distant parts of the world.