October 28, 2020

3 ways brand marketers use call analytics to acquire more customers

Brand business is a great way to start any business risk-free. When the brand is already having some name, scaling it is comparatively easy.

Also, in most of the brands, the business will provide creative assets and sometime even advertising budget. This includes both regional and top-level advertisements. And in response the business will expect the marketer to run digital advertisements like social media campaigns, digital campaigns which will drive traffic and customers.

For many types of brands especially those who are in home décor, medical practitioner, pharma etc., pay per call is a leading source of customers and business.

Among enterprise businesses, inbound calls are most popular and help them grow faster and achieve maximum ROI for inbound calls.

Another benefit of pay per call marketing is, your customer doesn’t have to wait for days or weeks to get their response. It is getting done in real-time and you also have chance to convert the business deals in minutes.

To make the decision better and grow their business, franchises are taking data-driven strategies which assures the growth. And this data can be derived from the inbound call tracking system.

Now let’s talk about how marketers can make the most of call analytics.

#1 Personalize the caller experience

Whenever someone calls you, they expect the solution or the information right away. No one wants to wait for longer just to get certain simple information. And so, it’s your duty to serve them as quick as possible for you.

Call analytics can help you here. Using the earlier data, you can use some machine learning algorithms which will tell you which call can be serve by which person and department. And then without wasting the time further, you can route those call to the concerned people or department quickly.

This won’t only make your caller happy but also saves your lots of time which can be reused in some other work.

#2 Measure your ROI and how your campaigns are performing

Evaluating someone’s performance is a key parameter. It can’t be a situation where you have allocated certain funds and X number of people is working there. And without any estimated output, they will keep on working. So, it is a wise idea to set some landmark for your franchise and evaluate whether they are up to the mark or not.

A little fluctuation can be done but overall it should achieve the target. And the same applies to the marketing effort as well. If you’re using pay per call campaign, you should evaluate how much ROI you are getting on the money spent.

#3 Retarget users

It’s quite easier to retain the existing customer rather than acquiring the new customer. Especially if it is a well-known brand, you should focus more on the existing customers or the customer who used to be your client earlier. Focus should be on the service side and you’ll find retargeting has become easier.


These were the 3 easy techniques using which you can use call analytics for the brand marketing and generating leads for businesses effectively and efficiently. If you are into such business, we recommend looking at Ringba Call Tracking and Analytics, the ultimate platform for managing your inbound call flow and attributing granular data to your marketing efforts.