October 28, 2020

5 Myths about iPhone battery life that one should not believe

Well, you are not alone who believe in myths regarding phone battery. There are numerous people who are iPhone users and believe in these particular myths which don’t have any connection or logic with the technology. Here are five common myths that are in circulation nowadays.

First of them is that one has to close down the application which are not being used as it will help the iPhone to reduce the battery consumption. Seriously, it doesn’t have to do anything with the battery consumption of the iPhone. As closing applications which are not in use wouldn’t help in this cause of saving battery but may be it would force the phone to use extra battery power in order to close all applications and make phone in best condition. Force app closing option should be used only when an application is not responsive so that this feature could be used else one doesn’t need to do it regularly.

The second most circulating myth about iPhone battery consumption is that charging your phone for overnight would hurt its battery. Nowadays, smart phones have advance power management system that use only required amount of current and after that no current circulate to the battery and hence there is no need of un-plugging your phone from charging during mid-night. You can comfortably sleep for the whole night and can enjoy your sleep.

Apple’s $29 battery improves the battery timings and performance of iPhone. This is also a myth that many people believed in but realistically, it’s not the same issue. Due to minor scandal of slowing down of iPhones, Apple offered its customers to get a battery replacement in just $29 as they are trying to compensate their valued customers due to that scandal. But it doesn’t mean that every user would change its battery with that specific battery as it would help in improving the performance of the phone.

The third most commonly circulating myth about iPhone is that turning of Bluetooth and wi-fi also helps in saving the battery of your phone. In contrast, the standards which are followed by these mobile phone companies stated that when wi-fi and Bluetooth are not in use, they are not using any kind of battery. They only consume battery when you turned them on in order to use them for any reason. As a matter of fact, wi-fi uses much less battery power as compared to cellular network and mobile phone companies recommend to keep wi-fi on at all times in order get the best performance from your phone.

The fifth most commonly observed myth about iPhone battery life is that keeping the brightness of the phone on “Auto” will hurt the mobile phone battery more as compared to manual settings. This is really bizarre as auto mode would aid the battery of phone by adjusting the brightness of mobile to low as per the environment. Auto adjustment of brightness of screen helps in saving the battery for other functions and hence you could get more battery timing for your phone.