October 28, 2020

DJI Spark Review

If you are reading about best DJI companies, then you know that the DJI is the number one company when speaking about the drones. DJI made so many models, and all of them are best sellers, and all of them have their own customers. Recently DJI released a new model DJI Spark.

DJI Spark is a different drone than all of the previously released DJI drones. DJI Spark is small, compact and made for people who love to take selfies. The drone is also suitable for recording videos of unreachable places. Carrying a heavy and big drone on a mountain or through the jungle is a hard thing, but with DJI Spark you can do that without a problem. Dji Spark is small and weights no more than a couple of hundred grams. With this specifications, it is an ideal drone for adventurous video recording from the air.

Now you are probably thinking that the DJI cut the features and performance from this little drone. But the truth is quite the opposite. All the features and performances are intact, and the drone is capable of great flying performances. You can use remote controller, DJI smartphone application or hand gestures to fly this drone. DJI Spark is one of the first drones on the market that can be commanded with hand gestures and one of the best drones under 500$.

Flying with DJI Spark is fun. Spark maximum speed is 50 km/h. Such a high speed can be even used in some amateur drone racing. And since the DJI Spark is capable of the first-person view flying you can without a problem using this drone in drone racing competition. But the primary purpose of the DJI Spar is different. The drone is used as a high-quality video making device. It can shoot videos at full HD resolution. You can control the drone on 2km range and flight time of the DJI Spark is around 16 minutes. With such abilities, you can make a decent video.

DJI Spark also has the advanced DJI technology for obstacle avoidance. This technology allows the not so experienced drone pilots to fly this drone without problems.

DJI Spark is small and powerful, but you should know that this drone camera is built in and is set on a specific angle which suits best for taking the selfie videos or pictures. Also, a hand gesture technology is very new and innovative so you should not expect to fly the drone by waving your hands. It doesn’t work like that. Hand gestures are used for specific actions, for example, follow me or taking a quick shot.

For all other maneuvers, I am suggesting to use a remote controller. DJI Spark can also be controlled over a WIFI with a smartphone but that will drastically reduce the operating range, and you won’t be able to use the full power of the drone. To get most from the drone, you should buy DJI Spark with an original remote controller.

DJI Spark is highly recommended drone and most probably the best drone in the class. The little drone really has no competition. If you compare it with Yuneec Breeze or DJI Phantom 3, you can see that the little drone has all the powers and features as close as the competitive drones. If you need a drone that is small, lightweight and portable then without a doubt DJI Spark is the best deal for you. Other DJI models are expensive and cost around 1000 dollars or even more, but the spark can be found for under 500 dollars.

That price puts the DJI Spark on the most affordable pocket drone on the market. By choosing DJI drone, you are guaranteed a high-quality product that comes with a warranty. DJI will also provide you a no-fly zone software which will keep you out of trouble and make sure you don’t break any laws by flying a drone in a forbidden place. Fines for such illegal drone flying are very high, and your adventure may even land you in jail, but not if you are using DJI drone with a no-fly zone software.