October 28, 2020

How to Intercept Mobile Communications Easily?

In the 21st century, everything is hackable. Think about how easy it is to get information about anything through the web, it is equally simple to hack accounts and passwords. Earlier this millennium, the world was shocked when it learned that security companies and intelligence agencies are intercepting their mobile phone communication, such as calls, text messages, etc. But nearly two decades after, it has become a norm. Now, people can intercept each others mobile communication and hack smartphones through varies devices, that are available at cheap prices in the market. You can also buy them online as well.

The main reason for saying this is that, although reading other people’s mail and hacking their personal data is wrong, there are times when it is our only option. If you suspect of your spouse cheating on your or are worried about your children doing drugs and mingling with the wrong sort of friends, then this behavior can be excused. So, here is a basic guide on how to intercept mobile communications easily.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to understand the basic concepts about cellular interception and hacking. The hacker uses a small device called GSM interceptor or IMSI catcher to divert the signals of the phone. The GSM interceptor acts as a fake mobile tower to which the cell phone should connect. This mobile tower is responsible for all the communication through phones and are operated by SIM providers. Once your phone connects with the GSM interceptor, the hacker or third-party can listen your calls and receive text messages.

The down side about using a GSM interceptor device is that it picks up all the cellular signals within a specific area. But you don’t have to worry about this, there are easier and more convenient ways to spy on your spouse or child’s mobile communication these days.

Spying Apps

You will be astonish to learn the number of hacking apps available in the market. Nearly, every e-store such as windows, iOS and android is littered with such apps. However, their proficiency and abilities remains questionable. You are better off buying an intercepting software and installing it on your computer. The sign up is really easy and all you have to do is provide them the phone number you want to spy on. After that, you will discretely get all the calls and text messages that number engages in.

Bluetooth Hacking

Another way hackers can take over cell phones is through Bluetooth. If you don’t want to run the risk of discovery that you are spying on your spouse’s mobile communication or don’t have a specific phone number of the person you want to spy on, then using Bluetooth may be a better option. There are certain apps that you can download on your smartphone that allows you to get into a person’s phone when they turn on their Bluetooth. You’ll be then provides with various options of functions you want access to, such as calls, messages, social media or pictures, etc.