October 28, 2020

Pointers to Look For In Increasingly Sophisticated HDTV Sets

HDTV delivers awesome experience and is worth the cost. However, in 2008, a 1080p HDTV unit was high end appliance and still the norm is same.  Sony launched its first LED-based 46” Bravia for an astronomical price tag of $5000 but today prices have dramatically dropped with such models made widely available.

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Pointers to consider while looking into today’s increasingly sophisticated HDTV sets

Flat screen technology concept is ancient

Basic LCDs were bright and small and Plasma’s were large with cinematic picture quality. These flat screen technology is vanishing with arrival of sets in 46” to 50” LED black lighting sets equipped with local dimming feature. Therefore, when you visit the appliance store look for advanced technology distinctions rather than flat screen display technology.

Energy cost consumption factor

LCDs always used less energy than the Plasmas but advanced LED-backlit LCDs are extremely energy efficient in comparison to their CCFL cousins. Pay a little extra for hi-quality LED-backlit TV set and save on utility bills. Go for current Energy Star ratings rather than settling for units making vague claims.

View the HDTV in home use mode

HDTVs have wizards, which start with options like store-demo or home-use mode. You may feel that what is seen in showroom is similar to what will be viewed at home. Actually, store-demo mode increases brightness because people get attracted to bright pictures but in dark living room these same images may look frustratingly shining. Request the salesperson to allow you view default home-use mode.

Check the pre-sets

Majority of HDTVs like Xiaomi models have pre-set image modes, which adjust the key picture controls like contrast, tint, brightness, etc. so as to optimize for sports, movies, games, and more. Most of the menus will allow to preview the changes effect. Ensure that you can create a tailored pre-set, in case, your taste differs than the vendor’s.

Never use animated material for testing

Many vendors opt for popular animated feature to display their TV units. The reason is that current cartoons are computer generated, so will look great on every digital displays. You will be better to opt for TV shows or live-action movies, as they cannot be engineered for perfection. Similar advice is offered for gaming shots. If you plan to play plenty of games on the then check the gaming demo footage.

Look and listen

Dozens of HDTVs are placed on the display in rows, so you will not be able to hear their sound clearly. If you plan to hook your TV to home theatre system or external speakers then there is no issue. If you plan to use the TVs own audio system then it is crucial to test it. Fortunately in-built audio system is actually enhancing and you will find that new sets are equipped with robust speakers with more capable surround sound simulation. Several sets include three speaker system. Don’t judge on specs but listen to the sound!