October 28, 2020

Step by step guide for PCB manufacturing

PCB circuit board is very essential and major part for electronics from simpler electrical devices to the complex ones. All the components mounted on the PCB have specific working and is connected with copper wire to transmit connection between as it is very essential for electronics point of view there are lots of PCB manufacturers provide the services for the consumers and even provide services of PCB reverse engineering with the help of PCB cloning. We will look forward into the step by step guide of the manufacturing process of PCB which many PCB manufacturer provide.

  • Design and expected output

Design for PCB is created through PCB design software most commonly use PCB software’s are   pads, Altium designer and eagle. After the design is created and is passed or approved by production design more towards manufacturers. The best output format is through Gerber.

  • file towards film

PCB printing starts after creators output the PCB schematic records and file and producers/manufacturers lead a DFM check. Producers utilize an uncommon printer called a plotter, which makes photograph movies of the PCBs, to print circuit boards. After all the design it is printed in black ink or clear ink.

  • Printer copper for internal layer

After printing next step is manufacturing or implementing all of the design and used as the base which is laminated sheet as a base and after that is covered by photo sensitive film which is hard and to protect it from damage of rays.

  • Getting rid of extra copper wire

All the extra copper by using hard chemical is removed and then hardened film is also removed and in the last only useful copper is left for PCB.

  • Layer alignment and inspection

Optical punch machine is used to align and for optical inspection. Because when all of the layers are placed in order it is very easy and precise to align even in inner layer. After that any in accuracy and inconsistency is found it is being assessed and shown on the monitor for technician after the process of inspection it goes for production.

  • Layer and glue the bond

After the inspection and passed by the support all the boards are waiting for union and we have to combine it as inner layer to the outer one.

  • Drill /drilling

Drilling is important as it used to dig the hole in all the panels as it stacked .after finding the location we will drill the holes accordingly .when the drilling is complete next comes PCB planting.

  • Plating and deposition of copper

All the chemicals used for fuse up layer up all the layers of PCB together and before filling up the holes by chemicals we expose it to fiber glass to make inner panels.

  • Unwanted copper trimmed

Again for the last time the same solvent is used to remove the extra copper out of the PCB.