September 18, 2020

Tech Tips to advertise on We Chat

Promoting on WeChat is a blasting pattern: the stage has a long history of shielding clients and disallowing passage from publicists, however it is currently gradually opening up. This is a colossal open door for advertisers attempting to publicize in China.

What is WeChat Advertising?

WeChat publicizing is the Tencent program empowering organizations to show special messages on clients timetable or at the base of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat advertisements empower brands to develop WeChat Official Account devotees, direct people to site and produce App downloads.

There are 3 noteworthy sorts of WeChat promoting:

  • WeChat Moments Advertising – take in more by clicking here.
  • WeChat flag adverting – take in more by clicking here.
  • WeChat Key Opinion Leader publicizing – take in more by clicking here.

Strategy 1: WeChat minutes promoting

The first and most well-known technique for WeChat publicizing for Western advertisers is to advance on WeChat minutes. They are what might as well be called Facebook promotions showing up on the course of events.

Who can promote on WeChat Moment?

WeChat promoting on minutes is confined to two noteworthy cases:

Organizations enrolled in Mainland China (either neighborhood organizations or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises – WFOE) willing to contribute no less than 50k RMB (~8,000 USD)

Remote organizations willing to contribute $1,500 – $8,000 USD (refreshed on April 2017)

For outside organizations the procedure experiences a committed Tencent group, you can connect for questions.As of composing of the blog, Tencent does not take publicizing application from land and money related industry.

What is WeChat Moments promoting?

WeChat minute advertisements were propelled in mid 2015, when 25 brands including Coco Cola and Mercedes-Benz partook into the principal testing effort.

Indeed, even before this official dispatch, the WeChat “course of events” had been an objective for promoting organizations who steadily attempted to discover approaches to get to client’s Moment. They typically utilized sent message by means of a system of individual records (a training taboo by Tencent terms of utilization).

For instance, a WeChat promoting organization made a plan for publicizing on close to home WeChat Moments. In Shanghai and Beijing, they utilized 600 individual records, each with no less than 500 companions. The cost of posting on person’s minutes run from 10 RMB to 400 RMB per post. Promoting through such a system empowered to reach more than 300,000 WeChat clients. Anyway this was an extremely manual process.

What Tencent Moment promotions bring is a significantly more advanced approach to achieve the client course of events by specifically purchasing access from WeChat.

How can it function?

Minute advertisements can have the accompanying part:

  • Brand name and profile picture
  • Up to 40 character promotion depiction
  • Connection to a html5 website page that is facilitated on Tencent’s server
  • Up to 6 pictures or 6-15 seconds short recordings
  • You can target clients as indicated by their area, intrigue, age, sexual orientation, gadget and telephone arrange.


Three class including Beijing&Shanghai, 35 first and second level urban areas, and non-particular urban areas.

Since April 2017, Tencent begin to offering WeChat Overseas Advertising to target Chinese voyagers in 42 nations and locales:

Asia: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Philippine, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, India, Indonesia

Europe: Germany, France, England, Italy, Finland, UAE, Egypt, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabian, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Spain

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

South America: Brazil, Argentina

The Chinese vacationers is characterized by the present area information. WeChat promoting isn’t available to nearby occupants in abroad nations yet because of lawful reason.

Sexual orientation and Age:

Sexual orientation and age from 5 to 60 years of age

Industry particular:

Organizations can promote to 18 businesses and 122 sub-classifications. The 18 center classifications including: training, travel, back, autos, land, furniture, design, F&B, individual administrations, proficient administrations, beauty care products, home hardware, sports, wellbeing, tyke instruction, sacks, watches, shoes, gems, governmental issues and law, extravagance merchandise, drinks, Internet, excitement.

Conjugal Status:

Single, wedded, recently wedded or bringing up a child

Instruction level:

PhD, ace, lone ranger, secondary school, grade school

WeChat conduct:

As of now following your open record, as of now utilizing your APP, gathered a WeChat coupon from promotions inside the previous year, indicated enthusiasm for your past advertisements amid the previous year, expel clients who are not keen on your substance

Singular clients can see up to one Moment promotion at regular intervals. The advertisement will vanish inside 6 hours if the client disliked, remark or tap on the connection. On the off chance that the client associates with the promotion, this will improve the probability of his/her companion accepting a similar advertisement. This viral impact will build the quantity of target clients.Source :

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