October 28, 2020

The Journey To CGI Motion: How These Important, Creative Technologies Have Evolved Throughout The Years

For most people, taking a trip to the theater provides a brief chance to escape the often unpleasant realities of everyday life. But, have you ever stopped to think about the efforts that were made by creative directors to devise the scenes that leave you literally perched at the very edge of your seat? Ultimately, this all boils down to what is known as CGI motion or computer generated imagery.

In the United Kingdom, movie producers, particularly those that deal with animation, use special technologies to dream up their imaginative, digital animation. They additionally use this same type of technology to incorporate special effects into the photographs that are used in commercials. Even though things might currently look very simple in the world of animation, the journey to this point has been an extremely long one.

The Journey To CGI Motion

Computer animation got its start in the 1970s, both in the United Kingdom, and in other, major parts of the world. At this time, the images were merely in 2D and they did not have a lot of visual effects. It was in 1993 that the first CGI motion dinosaur movie hit the big screen and this was Jurassic Park. In this instance, the CGI motion animation software that was employed manipulated the dinosaur’s texture to make it look convincingly real.

Towards the end of the 1990s, many other CGI movies were made. At the turn of the century, CGI had reached dazzling heights. Currently, movie creators rely on Mud Box, Poser, Vue and many other options in 3D software to create amazing motion pictures. PIC or Picture & Imaging Consultants is currently a major player in the United Kingdom’s CGI industry and this firm can be counted on to provide the very best packages in CGI motion animation.

About CGI From PIC

Based in the UK, PIC is a digital animation studio that produces creative videos and high-tech images. Among some of their major services are:

– CGI Motion: This entails the production of animation motion pictures that rely on cutting-edge computer graphic software. 3D programs are used to incorporate special effects into motion pictures.

– CGI Stills: This entails the creation of high-quality CGI motion pictures and images for commercials, magazines and other forms of ads. The resulting images are rich with special effects.

– Image Retouching Services: With these services, poor-quality animation is corrected to improve its overall value and appearance. If you ever want to have your videos professionally retouched, you should definitely call PIC.

– Showreels: This is the creation of short tutorials in animation form. This type of footage is typically used for demonstration, particularly in the commercial arena.

Get in touch with CGI PIC using their website at cgipics.co.uk/ for all your CGI motion needs, including CGI stills, retouching, showreels, and more. CGI PIC has the latest in 3D software including programs like Soft Image, Maya, Cinema 4D, Massive, and Lightwave, all of which have been crafted to ensure the production of attractive and high-quality animations.